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Karnishin Valeriy Yur'evich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of history of Russia, state and law, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. Contradictory processes of development of the state in Ukraine at the end of XX –beginning of XXI centuries cause high interest to the interpretation of the theoretical heritage of a part of Ukranian scientists who tried to substantiate the necessity of projecting an independent state at the latest stage of development of late-empire Russia. Addressing the study of political essays by the academician M. S. Grushevskiy allows to reveal the author’s attitude to perspectives of «Ukranian question» solution in his own interpretation. The aim of the work is to analyse the content of the essays by M. S. Grushevskiy in the period of the revolution in 1905–1907.
Materials and methods. The results of the investigation were achieved through the usage of essays, published in the «Ukranian herald» magazine in 1906. the materials of the correspondence between M. S. Grushevskiy and V. I. Vernadskiy. The author paid attention to the Ukranian historiography of the scientific problems.
Results. The author investigated the features of formation of M. S. Grushevskiy’s views on the «Ukranian question». It is mentioned that the essays by the scientist are slightly connected with the historical conception, which emphasizes the differences in development between Russia and Ukraine. Subsequently it became the segment of ideology of historical science in Ukraine after proclamation of establishment of the independent state.
Conclusions. Political essays by M. S. Grushevskiy reflect the searches among the intellectuals of the beginning of XX centuries of an optimal version of the national question solution. Preference which was given to establishment of a culturalnational autonomy gives evidence about the absence of the intention of the scientist to stand for the independence of Ukraine in the period of the revolution of 1905– 1907. 

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Russia, Ukrain, constitutionalism, politics, political essays, autonomy, empire, language. 

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